Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Keep Your Vision Clear with Our Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

At Excelite, we’ve developed an extensive range of anti-fog polycarbonate products, designed to offer humidity resistance and work effectively across various temperature ranges. Ensuring clear visibility in a wide range of environmental conditions is a pressing need in various industries. Fog accumulation in either hot or cold environments may block light transmission and can result in undesired dripping, posing challenges to both safety and operational efficiency. With this in mind, Excelite brings you our comprehensive range of anti-fog polycarbonate sheets and films. These solutions employ advanced anti-fog coating technology that ensures persistent clarity, offering an excellent solution to the fogging issue.

Our anti-fog polycarbonate solutions are not only effective against fogging but also exceptionally durable, providing humidity resistance and performance across temperature ranges. They withstand varying environmental conditions and repeated cleanings, thereby providing long-lasting performance. Moreover, these products maintain excellent chemical and impact resistance, positioning them as robust solutions for demanding applications. We offer both permanent and single-use products to cater to various needs.

Excelite offers a broad array of thicknesses (0.2mm-10mm) and sizes (1220*2440mm or custom sizes) for our anti-fog polycarbonate sheets, ensuring they cater to your specific needs. We can also include anti-fog, anti-abrasion, humidity resistance, and UV resistance properties whilst maintaining the sheet’s optical clarity. Whether you require permanent solutions for long-term applications or single-use products for specific scenarios, our range is designed to meet your requirements.

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    Features of Excelite Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheets

    Excelite’s Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Sheets represent a revolutionary advancement in the field of visibility and safety. These sheets are infused with a permanent anti-fog coating, which works effectively even under extreme humidity conditions and sudden temperature changes, ensuring optimum visibility at all times. The coating’s small water drop contact angle makes it hydrophobic, preventing fog accumulation and maintaining clear visibility in environments with up to 100% relative humidity.

    In industries where visibility is critical to safety and efficiency, like automotive and construction, these Anti-Fog sheets offer an unparalleled level of performance. Moreover, despite their sophisticated hydrophobic coating, these sheets can be thermoformed and cut with ease, accommodating a broad spectrum of manufacturing needs.

    With varying thickness options, the anti-fog properties remain effective even after extensive usage and harsh cleaning processes. This longevity, combined with the sheets’ enhanced optical clarity, ensures that Excelite’s Anti-Fog Sheets offer a reliable, cost-effective solution for industries seeking to optimize safety and performance.

    1,Excellent clarity with no fogging

    2,High impact resistance




    6,High stability

    Processing We Can Do

    At Excelite, we offer several processing services for our Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheets, including:

    Excelite’s Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheets are designed with anti-static properties, ensuring stable performance across applications. They die cut well without low yield, offering precision in shaping. These sheets are printable for custom designs and available in both single and double-sided options. As these sheets are thermoformable nature, they provide flexibility in forming and bending, making them a versatile and efficient solution for various needs.

    Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Sheets

    These non-fogging polycarbonate sheets are treated with an anti-fog coating on one or both sides to prevent condensation. The coating retains its anti-fog properties even under extremely humid conditions or after repeated cleaning, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.

    Benefits & Applications

    1. Enhanced Durability: Designed to resist degradation from repeated cleaning or environmental exposure, these sheets sustain significant wear and tear, ensuring long-term performance.

    2. Increased Rigidity: With a thickness ranging from 0.2mm to 10mm, these sheets offer enhanced structural support, beneficial for applications requiring extra rigidity.

    3. Wide-Range Applicability: These sheets are ideal for applications such as helmet visors, automotive components, high-reflective mirrors, and cold storage display cabinets, due to their superior durability and rigidity.

    4. Fabrication Flexibility: These sheets can undergo various processing methods like CNC routing, drilling, vacuum forming, bending, or bonding, offering significant design possibilities.

    Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Film

    This is a transparent, durable film resistant to fogging that can be thermoformed and cut to size as required. It caters to a wide variety of applications requiring a flexible, anti-fog solution.

    Benefits & Applications

    Superior Flexibility: The inherent flexibility of these films allows for easier shaping and wrapping around curved surfaces without requiring complex fabrication methods.

    Lightweight Design: The film’s lightweight nature makes it ideal for weight-sensitive applications like personal eyewear or sportswear goggles.

    Versatile Use: The adaptability and ease of thermoforming make these films suitable for a myriad of applications, including visor inserts, protective eyewear, and display screens.

    Optimal Thickness: With a gauge ranging from 0.06mm to 0.8mm, these films are suitable for applications where reduced material thickness is advantageous, such as electronics or optical display components.

    anti fog film

    Anti-Fog Products Application

    Anti-fog Polycarbonate Film

    Anti-fog Polycarbonate Film

    This clear and durable film resists fogging and can be thermoformed and cut to required dimensions.

    Anti-fog Polycarbonate Sheet

    Anti-fog Polycarbonate Sheet

    This is a non-fogging polycarbonate sheet that is treated with an anti-fog coating on one or both sides to prevent condensation.

    Anti-fog Face Shield

    Anti-fog Face Shield

    These shields are vital for healthcare workers who wear glasses or goggles, as they prevent the buildup of condensation, improving visibility and safety.

    Helmet visor

    Helmet visor

    For helmet visors, an anti-fog feature is essential to ensure clear vision and safety during use, especially in humid or cold environments.

    Universal Visor Insert

    Universal Visor Insert

    These inserts are designed to fit a variety of helmets, such as those used by motorcyclists or police officers, providing additional protection and anti-fog properties.

    PPE Glasses

    PPE Glasses

    PPE glasses with anti-fog lenses ensure clear vision and safety in environments where protective eyewear is necessary.

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