Aluminum Pergola

The Excelite aluminum pergola adds both style and functionality to your outdoor living area. Made of lightweight polycarbonate sheets. Its open design allows natural light and ventilation while protecting from sun and rain. Low maintenance and rust resistant for years of use.

Excelite pergola kits include the aluminum frame and glass roof. The garden pergolas are made of lightweight polycarbonate sheets which are best weatherproof. We provide the reference gutter, down pipe, rubbers, and all necessary fixings profiles for the patio pergola roof, wall mounted pergola for residential entertainment area, or your decks.

retractable canopy for pergola

Aluminum Pergola Designs

We offer several best options to custom design canopy pergola

  • retractable canopy for pergola
  • wall mounted pergola
  • sloped roof pergola
  • flat gazebo roof
  • corrugated plastic pergola cover
  • corrugated plastic pergola roof
  • timber pergola with roof
  • home depot pergola roof
  • small garden pergola with roof
  • backyard pergola with roof
  • grey curved pergola with roof
  • corner pergola with roof
  • freestanding pergola kit

Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheet Installation

Polycarbonate corrugated sheet’s installation is made easy with pre-cut lengths that fit snugly between the pergola beams. Silicone sealant is used to create a waterproof seal at joints. The overlapping design ensures complete coverage from edges to peak, keeping the waterproof.

Excelite’s high-quality roofing system shields the pergola interior from the elements, enhancing outdoor living comfort reliably for years to come. Its low-maintenance design provides long-lasting protection and appeal. It is friendly for people to DIY gazebo roof.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, but extremely durable: Excelite plastic pergola with aluminum frames can withstand high winds, heavy snow loads.
  • Weather resistant: The transparent pergola roof resembles a glass roof, allowing ample daylight to filter through. Additionally, the polycarbonate sheets are equipped with a UV coating, ensuring that they maintain their clarity for decades without fading.
  • Low maintenance: Normally wooden pergola needs repaint every 3-5 years. But aluminums pergola kit needs very less maintenance.
  • Easy installation: The aluminum pergola kit comprises all necessary accessories and fixtures, making easy installation and DIY-friendly.
  • Custom Designs: Express your design and free quote, we have a wide range of sizes inventory in stock.
  • Modern Designs: Modern design pergola with polycarbonate roof sheets.
polycarbonate corrugated sheet

How to choose the screws for the polycarbonate pergola roofing?

Excelite provides the suitable screws for different types pergola design.

Features of screws for your aluminum pergola:

  • Galvanised Class 3 AS35663 surface treatment
  • Type 17 self-drilling wood screws, a sharp pointed design with a cut out flute to help capture and remove wood chips and debris when drilling.
  • EPDM washer prevents water leaking through screw hole
  • Fixing roofing in to timber battens
  • Useful for precision work near edges, prevents wood fiber separation and splitting
  • Competitive price
screws for polycarbonate sheet

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