Unbreakable Mirror

Unbreakable Polycarbonate Mirror

Our unbreakable polycarbonate mirrors provide safety, durability, and a highly reflective surface for various applications. Choose from shatterproof full-length mirrors, wall mirrors, and more to enhance your space with a safer alternative to traditional glass. Learn More!


Polycarbonate Mirror sheet offers a reflective surface similar to glass mirrors but with unbreakable high impact resistant, and lightweight. Like our unbreakable glass, our polycarbonate mirrors are designed with safety, durability, and aesthetics. These non-breakable mirrors offer highly reflective surfaces, perfect for various applications and settings. It can replace glass mirror in a prison, gym, sports complex, RV’s, campers and boats. Excelite’s shatterproof bathroom mirror and acrylic mirrors are perfect for enhancing the safety and design of any bathroom style. In addition, our shatter-resistant gym mirrors provide a superior solution for fitness enthusiasts, with their highly reflective surfaces offering exceptional clarity. Easy to install and versatile, our wall-mounted mirrors seamlessly integrate into any space. Experience the benefits of glassless mirrors, designed to withstand daily wear and tear while providing an unobstructed reflection.
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Features and Benefits

  • Excellent application, including unbreakable mirror full length mirror, shatterproof wall mirror, and shatterproof mirrors for schools, gyms or any places that need a mirror

  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate material ensures durability and safety

  • Highly reflective and crystal-clear reflective surfaces

  • Foam tapes(3M tape) for easy installation, firmly sticks, and the wall can be clean and smooth when pasted


  • Shatterproof full-length mirrors for residential and commercial spaces

  • Non-breakable gym mirrors for fitness centers and home gyms

  • Shatter-resistant mirrors for schools, promoting safety and quality

  • Shatterproof bathroom mirrors, adding a touch of elegance and security

  • Glassless mirrors designed for a variety of commercial and residential applications

Room Type:Dressing, Bathroom, Corridor Room, Door

Shape:Square, Circle, Triangle, or any shapes you want

Product Dimensions:203mm x 203mmW / 254mmx254mm/ or custom sizes, thickness and colors available


shatterproof mirror sheet

About the Unbreakable Mirror

  • How to Installation?

Full body mirror have a protective film on the front to protect the mirror from being damaged. Tear it off when using it.

The polycarbonate mirror sheet are suitable for plain and smooth surface, like ceramic, marble wall, flat paint wall or wooden door, not applicable uneven wall or wallpapers.


  • What is a “mirror non-glass” or “no glass mirror” and how does it differ from a traditional glass mirror?

A “mirror non-glass” or “no glass mirror” refers to shatterproof mirrors made from impact-resistant polycarbonate material instead of traditional glass. These mirrors offer increased safety, durability, and lightweight properties compared to glass mirrors, without compromising their reflective surface quality.

  • How do shatterproof gym mirrors and big glassless mirrors benefit gym environments?

Shatterproof gym mirrors and big glassless mirrors provide a safer and more durable alternative to traditional glass mirrors in gym environments. These mirrors are designed to withstand rigorous daily use without breaking or shattering, ensuring the utmost safety for gym-goers and minimizing the risk of potential accidents.

  • What makes a non-glass mirror for the gym a better choice than a regular glass mirror?

A non-glass mirror for the gym is a better choice due to its shatterproof and impact-resistant properties, which significantly reduce the risk of breakage and injury. Additionally, these mirrors are lightweight and easy to install, making them ideal for gym environments where safety and durability are paramount.

  • Are perspex mirrors specifically designed for gym applications, or can they be used in other settings as well?

Besides gym applications, shatterproof mirrors are versatile and suitable for various settings, including residential, commercial, and educational spaces. These mirrors are ideal wherever safety and durability concerns outweigh the use of traditional glass mirrors, such as wall mirrors in homes, full-length mirrors in commercial spaces, and shatterproof mirrors for schools.

  • Can I mount a shatterproof mirror for the gym on a wall, or does it require a special installation method?

Shatterproof mirrors can be easily mounted on walls, just like traditional glass mirrors. The lightweight properties of these mirrors simplify the installation process and make them suitable for various applications, whether you’re installing a shatterproof wall mirror in your home or a gym mirror for fitness centers.

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