Translucent Opal Acrylic Sheet

Translucent Opal Acrylic Sheet

Discover our translucent opal acrylic sheets, available in thicknesses ranging from 1mm-20mm. With advanced fabrication techniques, we can create custom products cut-to-size to suit your unique requirements. Shop now.


Translucent opal acrylic is a versatile and visually captivating material that offers a unique blend of soft light diffusion and partial light transmission properties. This exceptional combination makes it an ideal choice for numerous applications such as light fixtures, illuminated displays, and decorative panels, both in commercial and residential spaces.

The translucent opal surface effectively scatters light, creating a gentle, evenly-distributed illumination that is perfect for backlit displays and enhancing the ambiance of any environment. The semi-transparent quality enables light transmission while still maintaining a level of privacy and subtleness, distinguishing it from traditional transparent or opaque acrylic sheets. Translucent opal acrylic combines impact resistance, durability, and ease of use, making it an increasingly popular choice for an array of applications.

Translucent opal hard plastic, or light-diffusing plastic sheet, offers enhanced durability for projects requiring additional strength and stability. Its lightweight yet sturdy nature, also known as rigid translucent opal plastic sheeting, allows for custom cutting tailored to the specific requirements of each project.

Utilizing our advanced fabrication capabilities, we can create unique textures, finishes, and customizations for our translucent opal acrylic materials, such as translucent opal plexiglass, cast acrylic sheet, and translucent opal hard plastic. We employ various techniques, including thermoforming, cold-bending, injection molding, and milling, to produce truly tailored products that cater to each project’s specific needs, spanning architecture, interior design, and advertising.

Our expertise in fabrication techniques unlocks the creative potential of translucent opal acrylic sheets, enabling us to precisely bend, thermoform, and laser cut them into one-of-a-kind forms and shapes. These innovative methods ensure we can meet your business’s demands by delivering exceptional and highly-personalized products that enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your commercial and residential projects.

Benefits and Technical Specifications

  • Impact-resistant (17x stronger than glass)
  • Matte textured and frosted finish
  • 50% lighter than glass
  • Thermal conductivity of 0.2 W/mK
  • Wide variety of colors and thicknesses
  • 99% UV protectionVibrant and opaque solid colors
  • No light transmission for privacy
  • Easily customizable and cut-to-size
  • Low maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Excellent outdoor weather resistance


  • Partitions and screens (offices, retail, public areas)
  • Interior design and decorative accents
  • Furniture design and manufacture
  • Exterior and promotional signage
  • Architectural features and details
  • Bold design elements
  • Contemporary and environmentally friendly furniture
  • Unique and artistic architectural installations

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