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silkscreen printing on plastic

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Silkscreen printing on plastic is a popular and versatile printing technique used to transfer ink onto plastic surfaces. Silkscreen printing, also known as screen printing or serigraphy, involves transferring ink through a fine mesh screen onto the plastic substrate to create crisp and high-quality printed designs.


Silkscreen printing is an innovative and widely-used fabrication method for producing high-quality designs on various materials, including polycarbonate and acrylic. At Excelite, we specialize in silkscreen printing to print on plastic materials such as acrylic and plexiglass. Silkscreen printing is an ideal technique for achieving sharp, high-resolution print on plastic surfaces, making it suitable for a vast variety of applications, ranging from informative signage to ornamental decor pieces. Printing on acrylic sheet and clear plastic materials has become a sought-after and essential component in various industries, thanks to its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and visually arresting outcomes. Screen printing on plastic is particularly popular in industries such as advertising, retail, and manufacturing, where silkscreen-printed acrylic or polycarbonate components are employed to create eye-catching, effective displays and functional products. By virtue of this process, businesses can achieve visually pleasing and long-lasting results on a wide variety of products and promotional materials, ensuring durability and brand recognition.

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We leverage an automatic silk screen printing machine that not only enhances efficiency but also ensures a stunning, high-quality print finish. This automation allows for precision, consistent quality, and the ability to handle high-volume orders.
screen printing on plastic
We are equipped to produce a variety of touch panels, ranging from those for consumer electronics to industrial instruments. Our expertise in polycarbonate and acrylic printing allows us to deliver high-resolution, durable prints for these critical components.
screen printing on plastic
Our comprehensive process includes steps like CNC routing for precise cutting, edge trimming, and then printing. An example of our work is a skateboard deck, which after printing, undergoes drape thermoforming to shape it to the desired form, demonstrating our ability to execute complex multi-step projects.

What is Silk-Screen Printing?

A. What is Screen Printing?

Silkscreen printing, also known as screen printing, is a technique used to transfer designs onto polycarbonate and acrylic sheets using mesh screens and special ink. This method is prevalent for printing on plexiglass, resulting in high-quality plexiglass printing. Similarly, silkscreen printing is used for printing on clear plastic and acrylic materials, producing impressive results. We use polycarbonate and acrylic printing with other fabrication methods to create truly custom polycarbonate parts for our customers.

B. How Silkscreen Printing works

Silkscreen printing involves several printing processes to create high-resolution prints on various types of plastic materials. The technique requires mesh screens, a squeegee, and specialized ink. The mesh screen, containing the desired design, is prepared first. Then, the specialized ink is spread over the screen, and a squeegee is used to push the ink through the open spaces onto the plastic surface. This process is cost-effective and produces a wide range of printed images, showcasing precision and vibrant colors on polycarbonate and acrylic materials.

C. Comparing Silk screen Printing to other fabrication techniques

Silkscreen printing has several advantages over other plastic fabrication techniques. The method uses plastic sheets and a screen printing machine to achieve a high level of detail and color accuracy, which may not be attainable with alternative methods. Additionally, it is cost-effective and easily scalable, making it ideal for businesses requiring large quantities of printed materials without compromising quality. Overall, silkscreen printing offers numerous benefits compared to other plastic fabrication methods.

Silk Screen Printing

How To DIY Silk Screen Printing

  • Whilst you likely won’t get the same quality as a professional job, this is how you can do basic silk screen printing.
  • We fabricate your desired design, plastic material (polycarbonate or acrylic), and ink type for the project.
  • Create and prepare the screens before placing them onto the printing press.
  • Apply the ink to the screen and use a squeegee to ensure even distribution.
  • Press the ink through the mesh onto the plastic sheet, creating the desired printed image.
  • Carefully remove excess ink and allow the print to cure properly to ensure durability and quality.
Silk Screen Printing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Silk-Screen Printing

A. Advantages of Silkscreen Printing methods

Silkscreen printing offers several benefits, making it a popular choice for various applications. Key advantages include:

Versatility: We use silk-screen printing along-side other fabrication methods (cnc-routing, bonding, thermoforming etc) for truly custom products

Sharp and accurate prints: Delivers vibrant colors and well-defined images.

Cost-effective production: Suitable for large-scale projects.

Scalability: Ideal for businesses requiring extensive printed materials.

Uneven surface printing: Allows printing on uneven or curved surfaces.

B. Disadvantages of Silkscreen Printing methods

Despite its benefits, silkscreen printing has some drawbacks that must be considered. Key disadvantages include:

Labor-intensive process: Requires significant time and effort for setup and execution.

Multi-color complexities: More setup time needed for multi-color designs.

Potential quality challenges: Issues can arise if the process is not properly executed.

Costly for small-scale projects: Preparation process may be expensive for small-scale projects or intricate details.


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