IR Polycarbonate Sheet

Solar control IR polycarbonate sheet

IR Polycarbonate sheet is an innovative solution offering superior solar control and thermal insulation. Ideal for residential skylights, commercial buildings, greenhouses, gazebos, automotive glazing, industrial applications, and more. Enjoy natural light while reducing heat buildup. Choose Excelite for a comfortable and energy-efficient environment in various applications.


IR Polycarbonate sheet: A Breakthrough in Solar Control

Excelite IR polycarbonate roofing represents a revolutionary solution that allows light to enter while minimising heat accumulation. This innovative product mainly use for transparent coverings and windows with effective solar control. Designed for various building applications where abundant natural light is desired while mitigating internal heating, the IR polycarbonate sheets offer a range of benefits for energy-efficient and comfortable spaces.

The solar heat is absorbed by the external surface treated with IR absorbers, preventing radiation from penetrating into the interior of the building and causing subsequent heating. While comparable products exist, Excelite’s innovative technology allows for the production of items featuring a protective filter against infrared exclusively on the external surface. This design helps prevent the intricate heating of elements and transfer of heat to the interior, setting it apart from other offerings in the market.

The solar spectrum


  • Solar Control: The IR polycarbonate sheets incorporate infrared coating to reduce the greenhouse effect in enclosed spaces, providing thermal insulation by reflecting infrared rays. Reduce temperatures by max. 15°C or 59°F
  • Selective Wavelength Control: These sheets selectively control the sun’s rays, allowing visible light to pass (390-700nm) while significantly blocking sunlight and infrared wavelengths (780-1400 nm).
  • Clear but cool: By preventing the accumulation of heat inside structures, the IR-coated polycarbonate contributes to maintaining comfortable temperatures without sacrificing natural illumination.
  • Weathering Resistant – Lasts 15 years or more due to excellent UV protection and lower surface temperatures.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for skylights, tunnels, greenhouses, gazebos, and more, the modular IR panels offer design flexibility in terms of thicknesses, dimensions, and applications.


  • Energy Efficiency: The potential result of using Excelite IR polycarbonate is a reduction in energy spending for both cooling and lighting, making it a cost-effective and sustainable solution.
  • Comfortable Interiors: The infrared coating ensures more comfort inside buildings and vehicles by preventing excessive heating caused by sunlight.
  • Enhanced Performance: Compared to traditional polycarbonate sheets, IR polycarbonate holds a significant advantage in blocking solar energy, offering better performance in construction.
  • Customizable Options: The availability of different colors, including Solar blue, and Solar Green, allows users to choose IR-blocking polycarbonate sheets that align with their specific needs, balancing visible light transmission and heat reduction.

Excelite Solar control products include two series of solid polycarbonate sheet and Multiwall polycarbonate sheet roofing system.

All Excelite IR polycarbonate sheets are accompanied by a documented 10-year warranty. This warranty safeguards against any decline in characteristics related to light and solar transmission, yellowing, and breakage resulting from hail damage. Rest assured in the longevity and quality of our IR line products, backed by a decade-long guarantee covering various aspects of performance and durability.


1. How can I reduce the heat entering the building from the façade?

To minimize heat absorption into the facades, our initial suggestion is to use tinted color polycarbonate sheets. Furthermore, we strongly suggest our IR polycarbonate panels. These panels are equipped with an infrared coating specifically designed to diminish heat transmission.

2. What is the Shading Coefficient(SC)?

The Shading Coefficient (SC) is a measure of the ability of a window or shading device to block heat from the sun. It is the ratio of the solar heat gain through a IR polycarbonate sheet to the solar heat gain through a standard clear polycarbonate panel under the same conditions. A lower shading coefficient indicates better heat-blocking properties.


Standard polycarbonate clear glass 3 mm with 88% light transmission. SC is 0.9.

IR polycarbonate glass 3mm is 75% and SC is 0.55.

The lower the value, the more convenient it is to stay under the material on warm, sunny days. In commercial architectural projects, the SC should usually be between 0.3 to 0.5.

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