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Light diffuser sheet, also called light diffusion sheet, optical diffuser is a material used in LED lighting industry to scatter or diffuse light. It changes the light direction and spread the light evenly on the surface, creating a softer illumination. It uniformly scatters light across a surface or subject, reducing harsh shadows and creating a more flattering image.

Light diffuser panels Positioned between the light source and the area to be illuminated, it works by dispersing light beams, producing a gentle and evenly spread light with softened edges.

Light Diffusing panel combines high light transmission and high light diffusion. It is different with standard sign whites or translucent white by effectively diffusing the light source, minimizing hot spots.

LED Light diffuser can effectively transform point light sources to soft and uniform surface light sources.

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    Benefits For Excelite Diffuser Sheet

    • High light transmission (Can achieve LT60-80%)
    • Disperse LED hot spots Light-scattering
    • Eliminates harsh shadows
    • Anti-bacterial (Suitable for cleanroom)
    • Anti-scratches
    • A rest for eyes
    • UV resistant (Outdoor signage)
    • Printable
    • Thermoform-able
    • Custom

    The main LED light diffusing material include polycarbonate (PC), acrylic, polypropylene (PP). Acrylic sheet and polycarbonate sheet are commonly suggested for led diffuser sheet. When comparing acrylic and polycarbonate lighting lenses, it’s important to align with the user’s strategic objectives.


    Features For Excelite Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet

    The diffused polycarbonate sheet is a kind of extrusion sheet, use optical grade PC material incorporating a diffused additive, or combine with a frosted surface for anti-glare purpose. This additive is uniformly dispersed within the PC raw material. There are Light refraction, reflection, and scattering, resulting in even light diffusion and high light transmission without hot spots.

    The percentage of light transmission and light diffusion can be customised during polycarbonate extrusion process, to make sure our polycarbonate led light diffuser sheet can meet your request.

    Features for polycarbonate light diffuser

    • High impact resistance
    • UV rated, weather resistance, suitable for indoor and outdoor diffuser industries
    • Fire-retardant, (UL94 V2-V0)
    • Strong, tough, and durable
    • Heat resistance up to 148 °C, stable dimensions and shape
    polycarbonate light diffuser

    Features For Excelite Acrylic LED Diffuser Sheet

    Excelite Acrylic diffuser sheet is an extruded PMMA panel, manufactured in a cleanroom environment. It blends a light diffusion additive with optical PMMA material, featuring a finely matte surface. This construction enables full diffuse reflection and refraction of light at various angles contributing to our LED light diffusing acrylic’s outstanding high diffusion, haze, and high light transmission.

    Acrylic LED diffuser can effectively transform point light sources into soft and uniform surface light sources.

    Features for Acrylic LED diffuser

    • High Brightness

    • High light transmission

    • Cost friendly

    Acrylic light diffuser sheet


    Polycarbonate Light Diffuser designed to distribute light evenly and reduce glare, creating a more comfortable lighting environment. Used widely in light industry.

    • LED light cover
    • Signage: Perfect for use in illuminated signage.
    • Skylight diffuser
    • Ceiling light diffuser
    • Light box: Used in light boxes to provide a soft and uniform illumination.
    • Portable Traffic signal: Often employed in traffic signal equipment due to its durability and clarity.
    • Fluro light covers
    • Elevator ceiling light panels

    What thickness of light diffusing panel is suitable for your application?

    Thickness is an important factors influencing the diffusion effect of light and diffuser panels. Generally, the thicker the diffuser panel, the more reflection and scattering occur inside the material, resulting in a better diffusion effect. A greater thickness provides more scattering opportunities, allowing light to interact more fully with the surfaces inside the light diffusion panel, achieving a more uniform diffusion effect.

    However, it’s not “the thicker, the better.”

    When the thickness of the light diffusion panel is too large, the propagation path of light inside the panel becomes longer, increasing light loss and reducing light transmittance and intensity. Moreover, excessive thickness also adds to the weight and cost of the lighting diffuser.

    Therefore, when selecting the thickness for your led diffuser sheet, you need to consider specific application requirements, including diffusion effect, light transmittance, cost, weight, and other factors. Typically, a proper thickness can be chosen based on the balance between the diffusion and light transmission and application.

    Here are some commonly use thickness ranges for reference:

    • 0.1 mm – 1 mm: Suitable for flexible light diffusion panels or applications that require thin designs. This range is applicable for products that need to be lightweight, flexible, and thin, such as mobile devices, tablets, handheld devices, etc.
    • 1 mm – 3 mm: This is a common thickness range for light guide panels and is suitable for many indoor lighting, display devices, and backlighting panel. Panels within this range provide a good diffusion effect while maintaining a balance between light transmittance and weight.
    • 3 mm – 6 mm: Suitable for applications requiring a higher diffusion effect and better light control. Light diffusion panels in this range are typically used in lighting devices, optical displays, LCD backlighting, and other fields, offering more even light scattering and superior optical performance.

    It’s essential to note that the above thickness ranges are for reference only. The actual choice should be based on specific application requirements, material, optical design, and other factors.


    Light Diffuser Product Application

    Polycarbonate light diffuser

    Polycarbonate Light Diffuser

    Excelite Polycarbonate led light diffuser is a polycarbonate sheet with translucent opal that refracts light, providing a smooth and even light distribution. It comes with one or both sides frosted and offers anti-scratch properties.

    Prismatic light diffuser

    Prismatic Light Diffuser

    Prismatic light diffuser feature a unique textured pattern that diffuses and distributes light efficiently, thereby reducing glare and improving overall illumination quality.

    Acrylic light diffuser sheet

    Acrylic Light Diffuser

    Acrylic LED diffuser can effectively transform point light sources into soft and uniform surface light sources.

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