Embossed and Corrugated Sheet

Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet

Explore our embossed corrugated polycarbonate sheets, featuring a stylish textured surface with superior strength and light transmission properties. Enhance your projects with our unique selection.


Excelite embossed corrugated polycarbonate sheets offer an attractive textured surface with remarkable thermal and UV performance. The textured pattern diffuses natural light, ensuring uniform light dispersion and reducing glare. With their ability to perform in a wide temperature range (up to 100°C), these embossed sheets are excellent for light fixtures that heat up after prolonged use, and are ideal for partitions and decorative applications.

Our embossed corrugated polycarbonate sheets come with a surface UV blocking layer, which provides excellent protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. This UV resistant feature ensures the sheets maintain their visual clarity, color vibrancy, and mechanical performance over time, even when exposed to sunlight for extended periods.

Excelite embossed corrugated polycarbonate sheets feature a unique top surface with an attractive textured pattern. This textured surface not only adds a visually appealing aesthetic but also ensures excellent light diffusion, resulting in uniform light dispersion and reduced glare. 

The embossed texture enhances the practical functionality of the sheets while providing a distinct decorative element, making them an ideal choice for various applications. Whether used for partitions, light diffusers, or decorative projects, the top surface texture of our embossed polycarbonate sheets offers a perfect combination of visual appeal and superior performance.

In addition to their UV resistance, embossed polycarbonate sheets exhibit excellent thermal performance. They help regulate indoor temperatures, reducing heat loss during colder months and minimizing heat gain during warmer periods. This not only enhances the comfort of building occupants but also contributes to energy efficiency and cost savings.

Key Features

  • Attractive textured surface
  • Diffuses natural light, ensuring uniform light dispersion and reducing glare
  • Performs in a wide temperature range (up to 100°C)
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • UV blocking layer for enhanced protection
  • Ideal for light fixtures that heat up after prolonged use
  • Available in various colors and textures
Bronze Tinted Polycarbonate sheet


  • Partitions and Decorative Applications (provides beautiful decoration effects)
  • Light Diffuser in architectural light fittings
  • Privacy Glazing (protects privacy with its translucent surface)
  • Industrial wall cladding
  • Bathroom, Upholster, Paneling

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