Unbreakable Glass

Discover the strength and versatility of Polycarbonate Unbreakable Glass. Ideal for various industries, our solution offers unparalleled safety, durability, and clarity. Explore how our product can revolutionize your safety standards.

Unbreakable glass, made with polycarbonate panels, is transforming glazing in various applications, particularly in construction. This innovative material has incredible strength and clarity, thanks to its high-strength, high-durability properties. Unlike traditional glass, unbreakable glass can absorb and distribute impact energy, making it a much stronger, safer, and impact resistance. It can even bend without breaking, and return to its original shape once the force is removed. This combination of toughness and transparency makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of projects.

You can find unbreakable glass in construction sites, safety barriers, residential and commercial windows, and skylights, among other applications. Builders and architects are increasingly opting for this lightweight, flexible, and strong material, especially when safety and durability are top concerns. With excellent thermal insulation properties, unbreakable glass contributes to energy efficiency, helping to keep buildings cool in summer and warm in winter. So, if you’re looking for a versatile, strong, and visually appealing material for your next construction project, unbreakable glass is the answer. No matter what challenge your project presents, this incredible material will be up to the task and exceed expectations.

Polycarbonate vs Traditional Glass

Polycarbonate is the go-to material for unbreakable glass, thanks to its impressive unique features and capabilities. This versatile material has rightly earned its place in various industries, including construction, offering numerous benefits and advantages over traditional glass.

First and foremost, polycarbonate has exceptional impact resistance, being up to 250 times stronger than traditional glass. Its ability to withstand significant force and high-impact events makes it much safer, reducing the risk of injury or damage. This robustness also translates to long-lasting durability, ensuring that products made with polycarbonate stand the test of time.

One of polycarbonate’s most impressive features is its inherent flexibility. Unlike glass, which shatters under extreme pressure, polycarbonate can bend and return to its original shape once the force is removed. This property makes it well-suited for various applications, from safety barriers and windows to skylights and other innovative architectural elements.

The lightweight nature of polycarbonate makes it easy to handle, transport, and install. This property significantly reduces labor and construction time, making it a cost-effective solution for projects of all sizes. Furthermore, polycarbonate offers better thermal insulation than traditional glass. This characteristic contributes to energy efficiency, ultimately saving on heating and cooling costs.

How We Manufacture Unbreakable Glass

At ExcelitePlas, we have perfected the process of creating unbreakable glass through several meticulous stages. First, we produce a high-quality resin from specific chemicals. This resin is then carefully cooled and cut into small pellets. Next, we heat and extrude these pellets into sheets of varying thicknesses. Afterward, we cool the sheets and cut them into the desired sizes for a wide range of applications.

To ensure that our unbreakable glass meets the highest standards of durability, we often further process the sheets through a hard-coating technique that enhances their scratch resistance. The end result is a crystal-clear, robust sheet of material that boasts the same clarity and light transmission as traditional glass, yet with significantly improved strength and impact resistance.

Why You Should Use Unbreakable Glass

Polycarbonate panels are an excellent choice for businesses that want to boost security and safety while also improving the overall aesthetics of their premises. Although these unbreakable glass solutions come at a higher price than regular windows, the long-term benefits make the investment worthwhile. By choosing polycarbonate, not only will you enhance the appearance of your building, but you’ll also enjoy added advantages that contribute to your business’s success. These include:

Increasing safety for your employees and customers by minimizing the risks associated with broken glass

Enjoying a quieter workspace with enhanced soundproofing, allowing for better focus and productivity

Saving money on energy bills through improved insulation, leading to reduced heating and cooling expenses

Moreover, if your business is located in an area prone to harsh weather conditions, polycarbonate windows offer extra protection against storms and other extreme events, ensuring the well-being of your workspace and its occupants.

Polycarbonate: Safer Than Glass

When seeking a truly unbreakable glass option, look no further than polycarbonate panels. These panels offer unmatched strength and durability, surpassing both standard glass windows and laminated glass. With superior protection against forced entry attempts, burglaries, and weather-related incidents, polycarbonate panels provide your space with ultimate safety. Crafted from a blend of polycarbonate resins, these panels function similarly to traditional glass windows but boast an unparalleled level of strength. This unique composition results in a truly unbreakable and impenetrable glass solution. While laminated glass or shatterproof windows can hinder forced entry attempts, a polycarbonate window stands unparalleled in maintaining its integrity, even in the face of relentless and aggressive attacks like bomb blasts. Some polycarbonate panels are specially engineered for ballistic protection, furnishing your space with a formidable defense against firearm threats.

Unbreakable Automotive Glass: A Revolution in Safety

The automotive industry has always been at the forefront of adopting innovative materials to enhance vehicle safety and performance. One such innovation is the use of unbreakable glass in automotive windscreens and window panels. This glass, with its exceptional impact resistance and clarity, has proven to be a game-changer in automotive safety.

Traditional glass, when subjected to high impact, can shatter into sharp pieces, posing a significant risk to passengers. Unbreakable glass, on the other hand, can withstand substantial impact without shattering, making it an ideal material for automotive applications.

Applications of Machine Guards

Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

In industries where eye protection is crucial, safety glasses made from unbreakable glass offer a high level of protection.
Automotive Windshields

Automotive Windshields

Unbreakable glass is used in automotive windshields to provide superior impact resistance, protecting passengers in the event of a collision.
Bulletproof Glass

Bulletproof Glass

This glass (Ballistic Glass) is used in security applications, such as bank teller windows and armored vehicles, due to its ability to resist high-impact forces.

Riot Shields

Riot Shields

Law enforcement agencies use riot shields made from unbreakable glass for its high impact resistance and clarity.

Machine Guards

Machine Guards

In industrial settings, machine guards made from unbreakable glass protect workers from potential hazards while allowing clear visibility.


Construction Glazing

Unbreakable glass is used in windows, skylights, and other glazing applications in construction due to its strength, clarity, and resistance to weathering.

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