Polycarbonate Noise Barriers

Dive into the world of polycarbonate noise barriers with Excelite. Our detailed guide provides insights into the benefits, manufacturing process, and diverse applications of these effective sound barriers. Learn how polycarbonate noise barriers can enhance your environment by reducing noise pollution efficiently and aesthetically.

Acoustic noise barriers, or noise walls, play a crucial role in reducing highway, railway, and industrial noise without altering the source itself. As a result, architects increasingly opt for these barrier panels when designing transportation structures near residential or office buildings. Polycarbonate & acrylic acoustic barriers not only minimize noise pollution but also reduce environmental pollution. With their transparent glass-like appearance, these barrier panels maintain landscape visibility, creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution for bridges, railways, overpasses, and even concrete wall extensions.

Our polycarbonate acoustic barrier sheets offer several advantages, including protection from damaging noise levels and compliance with public health code requirements. These lightweight, durable, transparent, and flexible sheets can be curved, bent, and shaped without special treatment, enabling creative and visually appealing designs.

Available in a variety of tints and transparencies, our polycarbonate barrier panels provide a wide range of aesthetic options. Beyond their visual appeal, these panels are virtually unbreakable and can withstand harsh elements and extreme temperatures, ensuring years of reliable performance without maintenance.

Why Use Noise Barriers

Polycarbonate noise barriers offer several advantages over traditional noise barriers: Noise Reduction: Polycarbonate noise barriers can effectively reduce noise levels by up to 35 decibels, making them an effective solution for noise control in various environments. Durability: Polycarbonate is a highly durable material that can withstand the elements, making it an ideal choice for outdoor noise barriers. Transparency: Unlike many other materials used for noise barriers, polycarbonate is transparent, allowing for light transmission and visibility. Easy Installation: Polycarbonate noise barriers are lightweight and easy to install, reducing installation time and costs. Cost-Effective: Polycarbonate noise barriers are a cost-effective solution for noise control, offering long-term durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

How We Make Noise Barriers: Simple, Flexible, and Lightweight

At Excelite, we craft easy-to-manufacture noise barriers using high-quality panels. The solid sheets are produced flat but can be effortlessly bent cold. Thermoforming these sheets allows for limitless design possibilities in various applications, ensuring that our clients receive the most suitable solutions for their projects.

The lightweight nature of our Excelite acrylic noise barrier sheets makes them ideal for use on bridges and other structures, providing a practical solution without the need for extra support or equipment. Install these sheets quickly and safely, while enjoying the noise reduction benefits they offer and effortlessly adapting to your project’s requirements. Our commitment to quality and customization ensures that you’ll find the perfect fit for all your noise control needs with Excelite.

How Much Noise Do Noise Barriers Reduce?

Excelite’s polycarbonate noise barriers are specifically designed to provide effective noise reduction in a variety of environments, including high-traffic roads where the noise from cars and trucks can be particularly disruptive. Our noise barriers can significantly decrease noise levels, cutting unwanted sounds by up to 25 dB to 35 dB, making a noticeable difference in areas with heavy vehicle traffic.

By installing Excelite’s polycarbonate noise barriers around residential areas, you aren’t just reducing noise pollution, but also enhancing comfort and improving the quality of life for citizens living nearby. Our noise barriers provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to mitigate the impact of high-traffic roads on residential spaces, creating a more harmonious living environment. Choose Excelite’s noise barriers to address even the most challenging noise pollution issues, always delivering reliable performance, durability, and visual appeal.

How Do They Work?

Noise barriers work by: Sound blocking: At Excelite, we use strong materials like acrylic and polycarbonate in our barriers, along with strategic placement, to effectively prevent sound waves from passing through, creating a quieter environment beyond the barrier. Sound absorption: Our barriers incorporate high-quality noise-absorbing materials to further reduce sound energy. Baffle effect: Acoustic barriers cause sound waves to change direction or spread out, consequently decreasing their energy and impact on surrounding areas. Decibel Reduction: Effectiveness of Noise Barriers The effectiveness of noise barriers is typically measured in decibel (dB) reduction. A well-designed noise barrier can achieve: 5-10 dB reduction for lower heights or less dense materials 10-20 dB reduction for full-height barriers with high-density materials 20-30 dB reduction in optimal conditions, such as taller barriers with noise-absorbing properties

Portable Noise Barriers: Construction & Transport

Airports and busy transportation can generate significant noise, resulting in discomfort for nearby residents and businesses. To manage this issue, Excelite’s polycarbonate noise barriers provide an efficient solution for noise control within runways and transport sectors. These barriers offer exceptional durability and resilience in handling the high-intensity noise levels characteristic of these environments. By using Excelite’s polycarbonate noise barriers for runways and transportation facilities, airport and transportation authorities can create a more comfortable environment for surrounding communities. These barriers not only facilitate effective noise control, but also help maintain a visually appealing landscape. With their ability to be customized and adapted to various requirements, our noise barriers are an excellent choice for promoting a harmonious coexistence between busy transport hubs and the neighborhoods they serve. Trust Excelite’s noise barriers to deliver superior noise reduction solutions that cater to the well-being of both travelers and local communities.

Applications of Machine Guards

Highway Noise Barriers

Highway Noise Barriers

Polycarbonate is used in highway noise barriers to provide superior sound insulation, protecting nearby residential areas from noise pollution.
Construction Site Barriers

Construction Site Barriers

In construction sites, polycarbonate noise barriers offer a high level of noise reduction, protecting workers and nearby residents.
Railway Noise Barriers

Railway Noise Barriers

Polycarbonate barriers are used along railways to reduce noise pollution from passing trains.

Airport Noise Barriers

Airport Noise Barriers

These barriers, made from polycarbonate, protect surrounding areas from the noise of aircraft takeoffs and landings.
Industrial Noise Barriers

Industrial Noise Barriers

In industrial settings, polycarbonate noise barriers provide critical protection from high levels of noise.

Residential Noise Barriers

Residential Noise Barriers

Polycarbonate noise barriers are used in residential areas to shield homes from noise pollution.

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