Clear Acrylic Sheet

Clear Acrylic Material Sheets

What is clear acrylic sheet?

Clear acrylic sheets, also known as plexiglass or acrylic glass, are transparent thermoplastic sheets that are lightweight, durable, and versatile. Clear acrylic sheets offer excellent optical clarity, making them a popular choice for a wide range of applications where transparency is required.

Excelite acrylic clear sheet offers a versatile and durable solution with exceptional transparency and high abrasion resistant for a wide range of applications.

Clear Acrylic Sheet

Looking to transform your vision into a tangible product? At Excelite Plastics, we know that every project is unique.

Optical Acrylic Sheet

This clear acrylic sheeting comes in various thicknesses and offers incredible strength, optical clarity, and versatility for various applications like signage, photo frame, windshields, etc

Perspex Aquariums

Excelite offers ultra-thick acrylic sheets and assists in designing and manufacturing swimming pools, Perspex aquariums, custom acrylic aquariums, and acrylic fish tanks.

Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet

Cell cast acrylic sheets provide exceptional optical clarity, UV resistance, and easy machinability. With up to 93% light transmission, 30 times the impact strength of glass.

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