Satin Polycarbonate Film

Satin Polycarbonate Film

 Our satin polycarbonate film offers a smooth matte finish. Benefit from advanced fabrication and custom cut-to-size services. Shop now.


Satin polycarbonate films are remarkably versatile, flexible, and premium-quality polycarbonate film sheets, offering a plethora of applications across numerous industries. These films are available in various thicknesses, ranging from ultra-thin options (0.125mm) to thin ones (0.25mm – 0.5mm), and standard thicknesses (0.5mm – 1mm), addressing specific needs and requirements. Characterized by their distinct satin-like finish, these polycarbonate films boast a smooth, semi-gloss appearance, providing a stylish and sophisticated look. Moreover, satin polycarbonate films possess light diffusion properties, making them an ideal choice for applications requiring reduced glare and even light distribution. Exhibiting outstanding abrasion resistance, flame retardant properties, remarkable tensile strength, dimensional stability, and insulation features, these films are in high demand.

Features and Benefits

  • Smooth, satin-like surface for a sophisticated, semi-gloss appearance
  • Light diffusion properties for reduced glare and uniform light distribution
  • Impressive clarity with light transmission up to 89%
  • Impact resistance: 200 times stronger than glass and 30 times stronger than acrylic
  • Dimensional stability in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 120°C
  • Customizable finish options
  • Abrasion resistance: ISO 4586-2 compliant
  • Flame retardance: UL94 V0/V2 classification (thickness-dependent)
  • High tensile strength: 60-70 MPa (dependent on thickness)
  • Insulation properties: Dielectric strength of 15-30 kV/mm
  • Compatibility with digital printing and die-cutting processes


  • Displays and touch screen panels

  • Signage

  • Lighting fixtures and diffusers

  • Instrument panels

  • Medical devices and packaging

  • Electronic equipment

  • Graphic overlays

  • Protective covers and casings

  • Window glazing and decorative panels

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