Best 5 Swimming Pool Safety Equipment That Will Keep Your Children’s Safety

Pool Safety Equipment

I know you don’t have the best swimming pool safety equipment. This is why you can’t save kids who drown in swimming pools.

Did you know that lack of safety equipment is blamed for over 75% of swimming pool deaths?

If you think this is a hoax, check out this swimming pool drowning report by the CDC.

Now, you can understand why I am this concerned.

I am going to share with you my favorite swimming pool safety equipment checklist.

By the end of this article, you should be able to equip your pool with the best safety gears.

Rule # 1; “prevention is better than cure”.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, if it does, then I will consider any effort to prevent drowning the very first swimming pool safety measure.

1.Install an Effective Swimming Pool Barrier

A swimming pool barrier is one of the best swimming pool life-saving equipment.

I like it because you will have full control of who is accessing the swimming pool.

You can see this from the 17 Swimming Pool Safety Tips & Rules Which May Save Your Children’s Life.

It is the very first procedure that swimming pool expert, Sunny puts more emphasis on.

Not all swimming pool barriers are effective when it comes to preventing swimming pool injuries.

So, I will start with the most effective and reliable:

  • Use Polycarbonate Swimming Pool Enclosures

Its performance and safety standards are unmatched.

In fact, with a lockable door, you are 100% sure that kids will be safe.

By the way, who will open for them the swimming pool enclosure door if not you?

And if you do, then active supervision is mandatory.

Learn how to actively supervise kids in swimming pools.

Excelite polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure with lockable doors (self-latching).

You can choose from a wide range of swimming pool enclosure designs.

Whether you need low profile, high profile, retractable or closed enclosure.

They are constructed from solid polycarbonate sheets with extruded aluminum rods.

Therefore, this equipment is strong enough to resist 900 kg load distributed within 1.5m radius and strong winds (230km/hr).

In short, polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures are the best swimming pool enclosure  I can confidently recommend.

  • Dome Swimming Pool Enclosure

Well, you can use them as residential or commercial swimming pool safety equipment.

A carefully-constructed dome swimming pool enclosure should provide swimming pool safety.

There are very many types of dome pool enclosures.

However, you can’t compare them to polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures.

  • Swimming Pool Fence

A fence is a common swimming pool barrier in residential setups.

The question is, what about if you have cunning kids who can jump over the fence?

You will be in for a rude shock – your kids will definitely drown.

Whether you go for an aluminum, vinyl, perimeter or a chain swimming pool fence; it will not be as effective as a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure.

You can read my ultimate comparison on polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure vs. pool fence.

  • Swimming Pool Safety Winter Covers

A friend once told me his favorite “swimming pool safety equipment” is a safety pool cover.

Trust me, this are a serious joke.

How do you call this a safety equipment?

You should even think about it.

So, does it mean after you have covered the swimming pool, then no one should use it?

This will inconvenience you for no reason.

Leave alone protecting your kids from drowning.

  • Swimming Pool Safety Nets

This is the most dangerous equipment of all.

DON’T try this since you will be doing absolutely nothing.

Swimming pool safety – for sure, this does guarantee the safety of your kids

In short, in my swimming pool safety equipment checklist, the polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure will be number one.

After all, the prices have been reduced by more than 40%.

At $2,999, you will get a good swimming pool enclosure.

2.You Must Have Swimming Pool Rescue Equipment and Accessories

Now you know how to prevent a disaster from happening.

It doesn’t mean no one can drown in the swimming pool. It is still possible.

This is why I insist you must be ready with the right swimming pool safety equipment.

In this section, you will learn about 8 swimming pool rescue equipment to include in this swimming pool safety checklist.

With these swimming pool safety accessories, alongside proper swimming pool rescue training,you should be able to save kids from drowning.

These accessories include:

  • A first aid kit

A comprehensive first aid kit is necessary both for commercial and residential swimming pools.

Of course, you should also have basic first aid training.

This will help you respond to emergencies before seeking proper medical attention.

You must have a complete first aid kit and learn how to use every equipment

  • Life jackets

Life jackets are essential swimming pool safety equipment for children.

It is an important swimming safety accessory for those who are learning to swim.

They will keep kids floating making it easier to respond to any emergency.

I know most kids don’t like them, but as guardian or instructor, you must enforce this simple rule.

  • Spine board

In case of an accident, how will you carry the victims out of the swimming pool area?

Well, this is the reason you need a high quality spine board.Choose a high quality spine board – Image from America Life Guard

Not all spine boards are a perfect choice for this kind of task.

If possible, look for a safety equipment manufactured from strong polymer material.

It should have handholds, the attachment point for restraint straps, beveled shape, non-porous and comfortable head section.

I highly recommend spine boards that can float on water.

  • Life hook

This is also referred to as a shepherd’s crook.

It is a simple swimming pool rescue equipment most people ignore.

I believe, with active supervision, you should be able to notice when some become unstable in water.

So, how can use it?

You can attach it to a standard swimming pool rescue pole.

Whenever someone appears to be drowning, simply extend the life hook towards them.

Maneuver it safely around the victim as you try to pull them.

NOTE: At times, using this may not provide a faster response.

It is because the victim may be helpless.

In such situations, you have no option but to go for them in water.

  • Swimming pool safety ring

It is mainly used in residential swimming pools.

Swimmers can hold on it to prevent drowning. It is an important accessory for inexperienced swimmers.

Always ensure your swimming pool safety ring is always beside your swimming pool deck.

  • Swimming pool rope floats/dividers

You must include this swimming pool safety equipment.

I know most swimming pools are not designed with the same depth.

Of course, you can’t actually tell the shallow and deep ends just by looking at the water surface.

You need a swimming pool rope float/dividers.

Swimming pool divider rope is an essential safety equipment you must have.

Based on swimmers experience or training, they should be allowed to swim either in the shallow or deep ends.

This safety accessory must have a conspicuous color. It will make it easy to notice/spot.

You can also use a swimming pool safety line too.

  • Swimming pool rescue tube

This is an essential commercial swimming safety equipment you can use to reach the drowning victim without having physical contact.

Once the victim shows any signs of drowning, hand over the swimming pool rescue tube to him or her.

Carefully tow to the victim as you provide the necessary assistance.

  • Swimming pool rescue can

This swimming pool safety accessory is essential, especially when a victim becomes unconscious in the water.

They are mainly constructed from durable polyethylene.

A swimming pool rescue can is a useful equipment when performing first aid in water.

It should have all the necessary straps for holding the victim in the right position.

As you can see, constructing a swimming pool and installing polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure is not enough.

You must be prepared in case of any emergency.

Include all these in your swimming pool safety equipment checklist.

Further reading

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3. Install Swimming Pool Alarms

Swimming pool alarms play an integral role when in swimming pool safety.

It is for this reason that government agencies do enforce laws regarding alarm installation process.

Normally, when you have different safety measures in place, it will be nearly impossible for intruders to access the swimming pool area without your knowledge.

There are different types of swimming pool alarms.

Let’s look at 2 main classifications.

  • Classification based on installation area

You can strategically install a swimming pool safety alarm at different points.

Normally, such alarms will be classified based on area of installation.

That is, you may have a gate, door, window, perimeter, floating or ground alarms.

  • Working principle

This is basically how the swimming pool alarm detects the presence of intruders.

The key classifications include infrared motion detectors and floating/wave detecting alarms.

Installing a pool enclosure and a swimming pool alarm will be to your advantage.

In contrary, installing the best swimming pool alarm without a swimming pool fence or enclosure is a waste of time.

The swimming pool area will not be fully secured.

Inspect all your alarms regularly to ensure they are in good working condition.


4.Purchase Quality Anti-entrapment Equipment

A number of victims die because they have been trapped by swimming pool plumbing fitting.

When swimming pool pumps are running at a relatively higher speed, swimmers may get trapped in the pool.

Swimming pool entrapment is dangerous as a number of deaths have been reported in the recent past.

You need to buy drain covers that conform to the ANSI/ASME standards.

Don’t assume that only kids can get trapped by the plumbing systems.

A number of adults have been victims too.

Swimming pool drain cover will protect swimmers from being trapped by the plumbing system.

This horrendous phenomenon is commonly experienced in old swimming pools fitted with outdated drain covers.

So, you must buy a new drain cover to avoid swimming pool entrapment.


5. Equip Your Pool with Handicap Safety Equipment

At times, animals such as dogs or cats may fall in the swimming pool.

It is very rare if you have a swimming pool enclosure.

The self-latching doors will automatically close.

But again, a swimmer may get injured therefore, he or she may find it difficult to jump out of the swimming pool.

This is why it is recommended that you install swimming pool ladders or ramps.

Choose the best swimming pool ladder for above or in ground swimming pool.

Further reading:

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Apart from the key 5 safety measures I have discussed above, it is important that you equip your pool with the right lighting systems.

You may install an LED lighting system, just like the LED camping lanterns.

A swimming pool without sufficient light is dangerous and users can be susceptible to accidents.

It is an important safety procedure if you want to use the pool at night.

In some cases, pool owners have also opted for IP camera lenses with anti-fog solution for foggy lenses.

This is due to moisture around the swimming pool environment.

They can monitor all activities in the swimming pool to see any activities that may lead to drowning.


Have you noted any swimming pool safety equipment you don’t have?

Or a swimming pool safety procedure you have ignored?

Well, make it your responsibility to observe all swimming pool safety by purchasing these accessories.

For questions or any safety concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us, Excelite team will be glad to help.

Your swimming pool safety is a major concern to us.

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