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A SUPERIOR RANGE OF Transparent Kayak

If you’re planning to buy a transparent kayak and, not sure of what to look for then, you are in the right place.


Because, as a kayaking enthusiast; I have over 10 years’ experience in buying and using these recreational accessory. I am going to share all that with you today.

And in today’s buying guide, I am going to cover everything you need to know about clear and transparent kayak.

Just keep reading and you’ll be an expert like me.


What is Clear and Transparent Kayak?

From Cambridge Online Dictionary, a kayak is “a light, narrow canoe with a covering over the top.”

Simply put:

A kayak is a watercraft propelled by a double-bladed paddle. It features a lightweight frame and a watercraft coping.

Furthermore, it has a small opening, where you can sit on. The image below shows what I am talking about:

Figure 1 Transparent Kayak

Clearly, you can use kayaks to navigate the waters. This can either be as a fun activity, competitive sport or sometimes for fishing.

The reality is:

Some people use kayaking activities as a means of exploring the waters and its surrounding environment.

Now, imagine passing close to a humpback whale and her calf as they cuddle underwater?

Or, have the opportunity to experience the beautiful rock formations underwater as you paddle through.

Using a clear and transparent kayak is a perfect way to experience all the beautiful scenes below the water surface.

Have a look at this:


What’s the bottom line here?

A clear and transparent kayak is a watercraft made of all transparent material.  That is, both its sides and bottom sections are made from transparent material, except its frame.

I will discuss the best material for transparent kayak later in this guide – keep reading.

Remember, it is this transparent material that allows you to see everything in the water.


Material for Clear and Transparent Kayak

So, what is a clear and transparent kayak made of?

Probably, this is one of the most common question people ask me every day.

I will make it straightforward for you here:

Whenever you’re choosing a suitable material for kayak, it is important to consider the following:

  • Light weight
  • Durability
  • Resistance to chemicals and water absorption
  • Degree of light transmission
  • Ease of fabrication
  • Ability to handle heavy weight, etc.

The good news is; we have a material that meets these specifications – polycarbonate (PC) sheet.

Figure 2 Solid polycarbonate sheets

Normally the transparent hull is a solid polycarbonate sheet. However, other parts are made of certain materials such as fiberglass and aluminum.

Here, the material should be resistant to corrosion. If possible, the transparent kayak manufacturer will add a protective coating to improve performance.

But, why should you go for a polycarbonate transparent kayak?

Figure 3 polycarbonate kayak

The main features that make solid polycarbonate sheet suitable for making kayak include:

  • Resistant to a wide temperature range
  • When treated with anti-ultraviolet radiation, it neither degrades nor turns yellow after several years of use. It is 99% UV resistant
  • Virtually unbreakable due to high impact
  • High light transmission (93%)
  • Light weight
  • Easy to machine and fabricate to virtually any shape
  • Easy to clean and handle
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Does not absorb water

As you can see, there are so many reasons why solid polycarbonate sheet is a perfect material for transparent kayak.

That aside…

A kayak is an assembly of different parts and components. Of course, that is clear from the images I have shared with you earlier.

But, that is not enough – why?

You need to know each of these parts by name. That’s what I want to share with you now.


Main Components and Parts of Transparent Kayak

glass bottom kayak

In this section, I am going to take you through different components and parts of transparent kayak. With this information, I am sure you can choose a suitable kayak that meets your specific needs.

These parts include the;

3.1. Kayak Paddle

What is a paddle?

A paddle is a tool/equipment used to push against the water.

A kayak paddle, therefore, is a device that allows you to propel the kayak through the water. It has a great significance on your performance in the water.

Understand that even a short tour on the water requires lots of strokes, a paddle through your strength. Therefore, it facilitates your craft’s movement through the water body.

Figure 4 Kayak Peddle

It gives you the ability to control a kayak on water as well as the opportunity to explore anywhere on the river, lake or sea.

Kayak paddles come in many varieties, for example, they come in different:

  • Material type
  • Lengths
  • Blade and shaft shapes

Quite a number are made from aluminum, plastic, wood, fiberglass, and carbon fiber.

Their design is more like a spade with a rod and a handle. That is, a rod with a blade attach on one or both ends.

Ultimately, though, a suitable paddle should be one that gives you total control of your kayak. Basically, it should be one that allows you to explore anywhere without any limitations.

3.2. Kayak Motor

Paddling a kayak through rough waters can be very tiring. For a fact, you may not enjoy the kayaking activity at all.

You don’t have to worry about this again – thanks to kayak motors.

It is easier to enjoy leisure time in sightseeing and relaxation without wasting energy.


A kayak motor provides a kind of machine-generated paddling. It provides a work free type of paddling.

This is helpful for those who don’t want to use lots of energy manually paddling their kayaks.

A kayak motor allows you to use the craft with much ease and enjoyment.  It helps you sail through the water smoothly and quietly.

The bottom line:

Kayak motor will make you concentrate more on the fun part of kayaking and not just on the boat direction and sound.

3.3. Kayak Seats

You can only enjoy kayaking when you’re comfortable – a reason why you need kayak seats.

With kayak seats, you will enjoy every moment you spend on the water. You can sit comfortably for long hours.


Modern kayaks come with high quality and comfortable seats. They provide the necessary support for both your back and legs.

Kayak seats come in a variety of options. You can go for inbuilt or removable types.

Alternatively, you may consider hard and rigid or soft seats. I mean, the options are endless.

Furthermore, there are the multi adjustable seats. Therefore, you can adjust the sitting height and position.

Guess what?

Your transparent kayak will be very comfortable.

3.4. Kayak Frame

A kayak frame is a structural component that gives the kayak its cross-sectional shape.

It is basically the skeleton of the kayak.

For kayaks, there are two types of frames:

  • Sit-On-Top (SOT) frame
  • Sit-In frame.

The SOT allows you to sit in a recessed seat on the deck of the craft – instead of the in the cockpit, which is in the hull of the kayak.

This frame design is:

  • Broader
  • More stable
  • Self-bailing which provides for easy access into and out of the kayak

The Sit-In frame type, on the other hand, requires you to literally sit in the hull, or cockpit of the kayak. It kinds of gives you more control of the vessel compared to the Sit-On-Top frame.

This frame offers more versatility than the SOT and also tends to have more extensive storage space for your kayaking gear.

This Sit-In frame is mostly suited for fresh water.

3.5. Kayak Hull

The hull is the main body of the kayak.

It includes the bottom, sides, and deck of the craft. And in this case, it is made of the transparent polycarbonate material.

Like the frames, there are two types of kayak hulls:

  • Displacement hull
  • Planing

The displacement hull brings about a more traditional style shape of a kayak. This type of hull comes with a line of symmetry that runs from the rear (stern) to the front (bow) of the bottom of the hull.

The a bottom of displacement hull is mostly round which makes it roll from side to side when on the water.

Planning hulls are mostly found in play kayaks. This type features flat bottoms and angled sides that allow it to plow through the water at relatively low speeds.

The main difference between the two types of the hull is how they move through the water. The first type moves by pushing water aside or by displacing (the reason for its name) an equal amount of water.

Basically, the amount of water that displacement hulls displace is often equal to the weight of the kayak.  It never rises above or onto the surface of the water.

The second type which is the planning hull also works by displacing an equal amount of water. However, this type is designed to rise out of the water and ride on the surface when they reach a certain speed.

Their planning speed varies with each kayak, depending on its particular hull design.

And, by the way:

Hull plays a significant role in the purpose of the kayak and how far and for you use it for.

Therefore, understanding the difference in the two types is quite significant when buying your first kayak. This knowledge will help you get a kayak that is capable of fulfilling the purpose for which you intend to use it.

3.6. Kayak Airbag

Like most automotive devices, kayaks also have airbags today.

Most of you may wonder; an airbag?

And, what are they for?

Well, airbags in kayaks are an added safety feature. They help to keep the vessel afloat in case it capsizes.

I know you’d not want to hear this, but it is the reality:

When a kayak submerges in water, the possibility of it filling up with water if it doesn’t have an airbag is very high.

And when this happens, it can be tough to paddle or move it. It can be tricky for you to turn it upside down to drain the water.

It is because of such possibilities that kayak airbags are made available today. They help prevent water from filling up your vessel in the event it capsizes.

Generally, they make kayak easier to retrieve in the above situations.

3.7. Kayak Balance Float

Sometimes, kayaking can have its challenges. You may end up getting into the water either by choice or when your boat capsizes.

In this case, you will need to do a self-recovery – get yourself back into the boat.

Normally, this is not an easy thing to do on a boat that is on water.

In this case, a balance float could be helpful.

Balance float?

Yes, this is a floatation device that helps to provide stability to an unstable vessel.

Such that when your kayak gets submerged, you can use it to help provide balance for your kayak. That is, when you are trying to get back in from the water when it is upright.

3.8. Removable Rudder

The rudder is the long, narrow fin-like a blade that runs from the stern of your kayak into the water.

This device can be moved from side to side affecting the flow of the water. As a result, it changes the direction which the kayak sails.

It is a steering device ideally meant to provide you with the ability to control your kayak during rough conditions. It plays an important role in crosswinds when the kayak starts to misbehave.

A removable rudder, therefore, is one that can be detached with ease from the kayak.

3.9. Kayak Roof

Kayak roofs also known as canopies, or Biminis will protect you from harsh weather conditions.  These may include extremely harsh sun radiations or rainy weather.

So, basically, it will protect even the seat covers, cushions, etc.

These roofs are made of:

  • Folding metal frame
  • Cloth cover
  • Protective storage “boot” designed to snap or zip around the roof when it is kayak stows

The roof/canopy/Bimini mounts onto the deck of the kayak with a pair of main hinges. These hinges attach on either side of the vessel and support the roof.

Of course, this will be in the up position while allowing it to fold down along the deck when not in use.

In short, these are the main components of transparent kayak.

Having said that, now, why should you go for a transparent kayak made from a solid polycarbonate sheet?


Advantages of Clear Kayak

At this point, I have covered a number of things about a transparent kayak.

However, that is not enough – why?

You need to know the main advantages of clear kayak made from transparent polycarbonate sheet.

A transparent kayak is a recreational accessory that offers the following key advantages:

 Optical Transparency

Transparency is the main advantage of the transparent kayak.

This vessel features an all clear and transparent material that is 100% visible both from the inside and the outside.

What’s more?

It allows you to see the bottom of the sea with all its wonders. It gives you the freedom and opportunity to explore the surrounding marine life while out on the water.

With the clear and transparent kayak, you can watch fish swim and the whales cuddling up. You can also see the exotic marine plants and rock formations.

For an adventurous kayaker and a nature photographer, the sensations of being so close to nature when out kayaking are terrific.


The clear and transparent kayak is very lightweight all thanks to the polycarbonate material used to make it and the aluminum frame construction.

The kayak is so light which makes it easy to carry and transport from one sport to the next. Being lightweight, this kayak floats so well on the water and is practically unsinkable.

 Durable and Hard Wearing

Although lightweight, do not be fooled because this kayak is also very durable and sturdy.

It is as strong and good as most other sturdy kayaks in the markets. All this is because of the strong and polycarbonate material used in the construction of this type of kayak.

 Impact Resistant

Remember that the clear kayak is made of the durable and sturdy material. It is actually made of the same material used in fighter jet canopies.

This makes it highly resistant to impact.

You can hit a rock without causing severe damage to your kayak and yourself when out on the water.

 It is Fashionable

Let be honest, looking at the clear and transparent kayak from all angles; it’s cute, it’s stylish, it is fashionable.

The transparent polycarbonate gives it a classy one of a kind look.

Figure 17 – It is stylish and looks great

It is more like getting a unique, quality set of shiny glass cutlery.

Plus, the way this kayak provides a clear view of the water life below you makes it all the classier.


Top Fun Activities to do With Clear Kayak

Top Fun Activities to do With Clear Kayak

A kayak is a versatile vessel. You’ll never run out of things to do it your kayak once you get one.

Here is our selection of the top fun activities that you can do with your clear kayak.

 Whitewater Rafting

Well, whitewater rafting is an extreme sport and quite frankly not so many people think it’s fun.

But here is something I want you to know:

Until you have the chance to experience it, you’ll never know just how fun and exciting rafting in white waters can be.

To enjoy the sport, all you need is the ability to control your craft as well the rafting activities at all times.

I have to repeat this; that white water rafting is a fun sport. It is one that you partake in with friends and family.

This sport is especially fun in the summer when it’s nice and warm, and all you need is some water-related activity to cool off.

Whitewater rafting is also an exciting activity because many people can take part in it at once. Friends and family can join up, and everyone can have a brilliant fun day.

So, for those of you who are into adventure sports, take your clear kayak out and enjoy the adventures of white waters. You don’t need any experience to do this. A few hours of your time navigating the white waters is all you need.

As you do this, always remember to breathe, wear a life jacket and keep your head above the water if you go overboard. Also, paddle like crazy as you try not to fall off.


Kayaking using the clear and transparent kayak can be fun, exciting and an excellent opportunity to capture unique shots of nature.

When you are out on the lake, the river or the sea, you will blend with the picturesque and mysterious life of the waters below you and its surrounding environment.

Trust me, no other type of kayak will give you the experience that will remain with you forever in your photographing journey as the clear kayak.

The breathtaking experience on top of a fun-filled exercise, mix together with the ability to capture the beauty of nature.

Photographing when kayaking on a clear kayak can be amazingly stunning and entertaining with the unpredictable nature of the sea/lake/river.

It doesn’t matter who you bring along; the fact is that sailing on a clear kayak with a camera on hand to capture every beautiful thing you see.


For a real kayaking adventure, the best way to experience the water without actually climbing in it is to fish it!

Even if you have never fished before, the transparent kayak makes it easy as you can see the fish swim right below you. The ability to see below the water helps to know where to hit or target when catching fish.

Even though fishing is often considered monotonous, it can actually be the perfect fit for refreshing your mind and body while kayaking.

Note that this activity isn’t for everyone. Nonetheless, it can be exhilarating and enjoyable for both amateurs and experts in the field.

 Surf Kayaking

Surf kayaking can be a significant activity to do with your clear kayak if you have excellent paddling skills.

You can discover and partake in a memorable voyage that takes you far and wide. Surf kayaking is generally is a great exercise.

It provides an ideal adventure, especially for extreme sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

With this activity, you are the pilot of the kayak, and you will guide it to conquer the unpredictable sea and waves.

To me, this is what adventure is all about; where you are solely responsible for your safety.

With surf kayaking, you really have to be equipped with the requisite skills and kayak vessel. These will help you to cope with the rolling swells and the swelling waves of the sea.

Although surf kayaking can be fun, not everyone is suited as it demands exceptional paddling skills and a suitable kayak.

So, if you trust in your paddling skills and kayak, surf kayaking can be the most satisfying sea adventure you can partake in.


What is sightseeing out on the water if you cannot see what’s right below you?

A clear kayak allows you to see not just what’s around and above you, but also provides you with a clear view of the bottom of the water.

If you enjoy sightseeing, therefore, a transparent kayak is an excellent way to admire the marine life. You can see the different types of fish swimming below, the funny looking marine plants as well as other aquatic animals you didn’t even know existed.


If one of your friends or family members has a transparent kayak similar to yours, a good way to bond and have some fun moments is to racing out on the water.

Racing can be fun exciting, a great form of exercises and a fascinating way to enjoy some competitive spirit with friends and family.


It is not a must you win to enjoy the game, but then the effort you put into the game will make it more interesting.


How about a picnic with your loved ones on the lake or river in the countryside?

Yes, you can a great time with your friends and family over a picnic while sailing through the lake/river or sea on a clear kayak.

The combination of friendship and family bonds plus the sensation of being able to experience the incredible wonders of nature below and around can be memorable.

With a clear kayak, you can do a lot – have fun, fish, race, etc.

But wait…

Do you have any questions about clear kayak? Great, I have some FAQs on transparent kayaks below – keep reading.


Clear Kayak FAQ: What You Must Know Before Going Kayaking

Clear Kayak FAQ

If you have a transparent kayak, there are certain things that you need to know before you use it for kayaking. This is even critical in case you’re using kayak for the first time.

In this section, I am going to address most of your concerns inform of questions and answers.

Just keep reading to learn more:

1. How different is the clear kayak from fro regular kayaks?

The clear kayak is no different from the regular kayak except the fact that it features an all-transparent hull.

It is equally strong, sturdy and durable as most other top quality kayaks that you know of.

2. Does one need any unique skills to sail a clear kayak?

Not really.

A clear kayak like I mentioned is just like any other kayak. Therefore, if you can paddle and can control a kayak on water, then you can sail a clear kayak.

However, I understand that it can be dreadful sailing on a kayak with a clear bottom for the first time. In this case, it would be great if you do this in the company of an experienced clear kayak user.

Also, going slow the first time will do you some good.

3. How stable are clear kayaks?

Oh – very stable!

You can literally stand up in a transparent kayak, and it will still maintain balance and stability. However, do not try this practically on water as it is not advisable.

4. Is clear and transparent kayak impact resistant?

Highly resistant!

The clear kayak is made from polycarbonate which is highly strong, durable and resistant to impact.

If you want to gauge how resistant this vessel is, then think of bulletproof vests, aircraft, and canoes – they are made of polycarbonate sheet.

5. How safe is a clear kayak?

Very safe.

All safety measure is put in place right from the designing and construction of the transparent kayak.

As a paddler, however, you need to prepare in case of any uncertainties. You need to be able to correct your kayak in case it capsizes. You need to know how to swim and be able to control your kayak even in rough water conditions.

Most importantly, you need to have all the necessary kayaking gear including:

  • Wetsuit
  • Good paddle
  • Buoyancy aids
  • Airbag
  • Balance floats, just to mention a few

6. What preparations do you need before you go out kayaking?

Nothing much…

Just ensure your kayak is in good condition and it is clean. Also, have your gear ready and enthusiasm on point.

Being familiar with current weather of your kayaking locations would also be handy.

7. Is the clear and transparent kayak good for a beginner?

Yes, it is.

The clear kayak is designed for all kayakers, with or without experience.

8. How comfortable and versatile is this kayak?

Pretty comfortable actually.

This kayak is very comfortable and versatile and you can use it on sea, lake or river water. You can use it for virtually any water activity including fishing, surf kayaking, picnicking, diving, racing, etc.

9. Can you bring a camera on the water?

Of course, you can!

One of the beauties of a clear kayak is that you can see the bottom of the water. You can actually see the marine life and all their habitats.

What’s more?

You can capture all these beautiful sceneries and moments for your journal.

10.  Does the clear and transparent kayak require special care and maintenance?

No, it doesn’t. However, a little effort towards taking care of your kayak is essential for long-term durability and exquisite performance.

So, to maintain your clear kayak, here are a few things you need to keep in mind;

  • Always wash your kayak with a mild soap solution or recommended a washing agent or lukewarm water.
  • Gently wash the kayak with a soft cloth and rinse well with clean water after washing.
  • To avoid leaving spots of water on the kayak, thoroughly dry with a cellulose sponge or using chamois.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning agents and tools that may marks on the kayak’s protective coating.
  • Always ensure that your feet are free from dirt when getting into your clear kayak. This will help prevent scuffing of the hull’s interior.
  • Proper storage of your kayak when not in use is also essential for the longevity of the kayak. So store your kayak away from the direct sunlight. Also, keep it upside down when stored outside to avoid water from getting into the kayak.
  • You can get a roof/Bimini/canopy for your boat to extend its life and your kayaking pleasure.
  • Avoid using petroleum products while on the kayak, as polycarbonate and petroleum do not auger so well.

By the way, in case you have any question on clear and transparent kayak, feel free to keep in touch.


Excelite Kayak: Learn More about Excelite Polycarbonate Transparent Kayak

Excelite Transparent Kayak

Our Excelite polycarbonate transparent kayak is simply excellent.

If there are words that describe the design, performance and customer service of Excelite kayak are:

  • Unique design with custom options available
  • Distinguishing and attractive
  • Fabricated to high quality standards, with a virgin solid polycarbonate sheet

We don’t want to bust our bubble though:

But the truth – Excelite makes some of the best clear kayaks on the market.

What’s more?

We are proud to say that Excelite is one of the most experienced and reliable clear kayak suppliers you can contact in China and in the world too.

But why should you choose Excelite polycarbonate transparent kayak?

First, our products meet all expectation of a clear and transparent kayak. It is made of a high-quality transparent polycarbonate material that is both strong and durable.

Polycarbonate sheet is impact resistant, implying that, it can sustain hard hits on rocks when out sailing.

Second, Excelite provides accessories for your clear kayak. These accessories are made using the best material – marine grade and corrosion resistant.

They are corrosion resistant.

Third, Excelite provides you with an array of options when it comes to clear and transparent kayaks. You can choose from the many design options or opt for custom ones depending on your specific requirements.

So when you think of us, just know you can never run out of options with Excelite.

So, what’s the bottom line here?

Excelite offers your most desired clear kayak experience. We take care of your needs and attend to them as you want us to.

Our 15 years’ experience in polycarbonate paneling and 5 years’ experience on clear kayaks should tell you something.

We’ve got everything you need regarding clear and transparent kayak.


Well, if you didn’t know more about clear kayaks before reading this piece, now you do.

My only hope is that this article better helps you understand the basics about the clear kayaks.  I believe this article provides you with the necessary knowledge on what to look for when buying clear kayak.

That said, if you have any questions regarding this topic, please do not hesitate to share with us in the comment section below.

Also, you can share the article with friends and family so that they may learn more about clear kayak.

Are you looking for an innovative way to explore gorgeous water locations?

At Excelite, we bring you clear kayaks, crafted from superior quality polycarbonate sheets. Offering an amazing viewing experience, our glass bottom kayak enables you to be on the water in a unique way. Giving the perfect glimpse of the extraordinary marine life, our kayaks are sturdy and designed to last. With our see-through kayaks, you can elevate your experience to a whole new level.

If you are looking for a transparent kayak, you may feel overwhelmed with the wide options. As expert manufacturers of polycarbonate sheets, we have an in-depth understanding of the features that make the perfect clear kayak and have impressive options for you. Offering optimum durability, our kayaks will make your next water trip truly picture-perfect. Read our buying guide to know more about the features of a glass-bottom kayak.

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