Polycarbonate Light Diffusers

What is polycarbonate light diffusers?

At Excelite, we take pride in delivering high-quality colored polycarbonate sheets suited for a wide variety of applications. Our offerings include colored plexiglass and colored acrylic sheets, both known for their impressive durability, versatility, and striking aesthetics. Available in multiple colors, thicknesses, and dimensions, these materials provide design flexibility and can be tailored to your specific project needs. We use CNC routing, milling, thermoforming, silk screen printing, and injection molding to create truly custom products.

Types of Colored Plastic

  • Transparent/Clear: Our transparent colored plastic sheets, such as clear colored plastic sheets and transparent color sheets, provide unobstructed visibility and are perfect for applications that require high light transmission, while maintaining strength and durability.
  • Colored: Our extensive range of colored plexiglass panels and coloured plastic sheets gives you a broad palette for design versatility, catering to applications requiring full privacy or a unique aesthetic touch.
  • Translucent: Our translucent colored plastic sheets, including see-through colored plastic sheets, allow for partial light transmission while simultaneously maintaining privacy, resulting in an appealing frosted or diffused appearance.
  • Multi-color sheets: With our multicolor acrylic sheet and multi-colored acrylic sheets collection, you can enjoy designing unique creations with multiple colors or patterns in a single sheet.

Polycarbonate Light Diffusers

Looking to transform your vision into a tangible product? At Excelite Plastics, we know that every project is unique.

Polycarbonate Light Diffusers

This LED light diffuser offers uniform light distribution by scattering or diffusing lights, providing optimal light diffusion while maintaining excellent optical clarity. Achieve uniform light dispersion with our light diffuser sheets, ideal for LED lighting applications. Combine high Light transmission and High Light diffusion.

Light Diffuser sheet
Frosted Light Diffuser Sheet

Frosted Light Diffuser Sheet

Our frosted light diffuser sheet combines a frosted surface with a glossy finish, offering a unique appearance and optimal light diffusion properties.

Prismatic Light Diffuser

This prismatic light diffuser features a geometric pattern that effectively distributes light, making it an excellent choice for lighting fixtures and illuminated displays.

Prismatic Polycarbonate Sheet
Light Diffuser Film

Light Diffuser Film

Our light diffuser film offers superior light diffusion properties while maintaining excellent transparency, making it perfect for applications requiring even light distribution.

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