How To Custom An Acrylic Aquarium

How To Custom An Acrylic for Aquarium

Discover how to custom design an acrylic aquarium to create a unique and stunning aquatic display. Learn about the benefits of acrylic tanks, the customization options available, and step-by-step tips for creating your dream aquarium.
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    Whether creating your very own acrylic aquarium or DIY living aquatic art for your home, or collaborate with us to design and install a one-of-a-kind aquarium for your clients.

    We work with you on an aquarium design that compliments the look, style,

    Taking your ideas and bringing in some of our own, we will create a one of a kind aquarium tailored to your preferences and priorities.

    Planning and design are crucial steps in the process, determining the dimensions, layout, and design of your aquarium will ensure a smooth construction process.

    Once you have your and design in place, you can start building your acrylic aquarium by cutting the acrylic sheets to size and assembling them using solvent cement. Ensuring a watertight seal is essential to prevent leaks and maintain the structural integrity of the aquarium.

    You might choose to own one at the comfort of your premises or otherwise choose to use commercial acrylic aquariums.

    In this guide, I will explain to you how you can build your own aquariums tanks step by step.

    But first, let’s get to know what we mean by an acrylic aquariums.

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    What Is An Acrylic Aquarium?

    An acrylic aquarium is a type of fish tank made from cast acrylic, a transparent thermoplastic material known for its clarity, impact resistance, and durability.
    Unlike perspex aquariums, acrylic aquariums are constructed from cast acrylic sheet panels that are chemically bonded together using solvent cement.

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    Materials Used for Aquariums

    1. Glass:

    Glass is a common material used for aquarium construction. It is strong, scratch-resistant, and provides excellent clarity for viewing aquatic life. Glass aquariums are available in various thicknesses and can support both freshwater and saltwater environments.

    2. Acrylic:

    Acrylic, a transparent thermoplastic material, is another popular choice for aquariums. Acrylic tanks are lightweight, impact-resistant, and offer better insulation properties than glass. They can be custom-shaped and molded into unique designs, but are more prone to scratching.

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    Differentiating Between Commercial And Residential Aquariums

    Before you custom aquarium design, understanding the purpose and audience is the first step toward a truly customized design.

    • Is it for a professional office, museum, or public setting?

    Visibility, accessibility and ongoing maintenance may be higher priorities compared to home decorative.

    • Greater freedom to personal aesthetics and themes for residential aquariums with less size constraints.

    A beautiful custom aquarium can be the perfect decoration for either a commercial or residential space. The key is to make sure the type of aquarium you choose aligns perfectly with the purpose of the room.

    Placing an aquarium to uplift customers is key for any business.

    An eye-catching aquarium allows businesses to wow clients the moment they walk through your doors.

    Placing a vibrant underwater habitat in high-traffic locations your customers naturally pause can distract from stress or boredom.

    Dental and medical offices may position tanks in waiting rooms or exam areas to calm patients.

    Restaurants may captivate guests waiting to be seated when beautifully framed by an acrylic aquarium wall.

    super thick acrylic aquarium

    Choose Any Shape Aquarium to Fit Your Space

    You don’t have to settle for the standard rectangular shape when planning your luxury aquariums. Our team can create tanks in almost any shape you can imagine.

    Do you need some ideas for shapes to consider? Here are a few of the coolest aquarium shapes we’ve seen recently:

    • The Cylindrical Column

    Cylindrical aquariums are all the rage because of the 360-degree views they allow. These sleek tanks also make the perfect focal point for an entryway or large open living space.

    • The Wave Tank

    This type of custom tank features a curved acrylic exterior that mimics the rise and fall of ocean waves. A wave-shaped aquarium will feel right at home in a cozy den or bedroom.

    • The Panoramic View

    Another curved glass option is the panoramic aquarium. This tank looks like a standard rectangular aquarium with an important twist. It has rounded edges rather than the standard corners for a seamless view of everything going on inside it.

    • The Corner Fit

    One of our favorite custom designs is an aquarium that fits snugly in the corner of a room. This type of tank has a bowed front that extends from one wall to the other for a perfect ninety-degree interior view. We especially like these tanks in offices and studies because the compact design works great in smaller rooms.

    Don’t limit yourself by settling for an ordinary rectangular shape. Custom aquariums can come in many shapes and sizes.

    different shapes aquarium design


    When performance matters most, Excelite cast acrylic sheets are the premium choice for your business aquarium and aquatic display needs.

    Perfect for high-impact public spaces demanding flawless visibility and durability, Excelite cast acrylic provides up to 93% light transmission for stunning crystal clarity unmatched by standard glass or extruded plastics. With thirty times the impact resistance, Excelite acrylic withstands years of continuous heavy traffic and cleaning while retaining its pure optical qualities.

    Built stronger to last longer while requiring less structural support, Excelite acrylic enables larger, more impressive tanks to enhance visitor engagement while offering easier access for maintenance. We can cast oversized single tank panels up to sizes exceeding 60″ x 120″ to help bring your vision to life.

    Let our material experts and design consultants work with you for a custom aquatic display that maximizes visibility and ease of care while minimizing long term operating costs. Discover why businesses worldwide insist on Excelite cast acrylic for their most demanding applications.

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