Anti-Graffiti Polycarbonate Sheet

Protect Your Surfaces From Graffiti and Vandalism

Anti-Graffiti coated Polycarbonate sheet

Excelite’s Anti-Graffiti coated Polycarbonate sheet, also known as Anti-Fingerprint or Anti-Smudge Polycarbonate, is a specialty product designed to withstand the rigours of public use. With a unique Anti-Graffiti coating, this polycarbonate material offers resistance against graffiti and other forms of vandalism that are often seen in public spaces.

This makes it an ideal choice for locations like bus shelter screens, train stations, and public restrooms that face frequent exposure to such issues. The inherent resilience of polycarbonate, coupled with the special coating, ensures long-lasting visual appeal and low maintenance needs.



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    Why Polycarbonate for Anti Graffiti Sheet

    Polycarbonate is the perfect material for anti-graffiti coatings due to its lightweight, shatter-resistant, and highly durable properties. It also boasts excellent resistance to UV radiation and weathering, making it a robust solution for outdoor applications. Its superior machinability allows for easy thermoforming or fabrication into any desired size and shape.

    The process of applying the anti-graffiti coating utilises the unique properties of nanocomposites. This hydrophobic anti-graffiti coating, with a high contact angle, is applied on the surface of the substrate (like polycarbonate sheets/ film or PMMA, PVC, etc.) to protect it from graffiti damage. This innovative application ensures the long-term visual appeal and resilience of the material.

    Anti-Graffiti Polycarbonate Sheet​

    Features Of Polycarbonate Anti-Graffiti Sheet

    • Abrasion, Chemical, and Impact Resistance: Enhancing durability and longevity.
    • Contact Angle: The angle between a liquid surface and a solid surface where they meet. Excelite anti graffiti sheets’ contact angle≥105°.
    • Compatibility with Mirror Coating Treatments: For diverse application needs.
    • Hydrophobicity and Oleophobic Properties: Ensures that fingerprints, water, and dust are easy to erase or drop off.
    • Thermoform ability: Can be easily moulded into various shapes and sizes.
    • Permanent Water Washability: Easy to clean with water.
    • Anti-static Properties: Reduces dust accumulation.
    • Clean Die Cutting: Results in low yield loss.
    • Dual-sided Printing: Increases versatility.
    • UV Blocking: Blocks 98% of UVA & 99.9% of UVB rays, providing excellent protection.
    Anti-Graffiti Polycarbonate Sheet​

    Application Of Polycarbonate Anti-Graffiti Sheet

    • Outdoor Window Covers and Bus Shelters: Durable and resistant to vandalism.
    • Light Boxes: Maintains visibility and aesthetic appeal.
    • Noise Barriers on Railway Sides: Resistant to weather and vandalism.
    • Bathroom Doors and Windows: Resistant to smudges and easy to clean.
    • On-board Motor Vehicle Displays: Durable and clear.
    • Commercial Space Windows: Resistant to vandalism and easy to maintain.
    polycarbonate testing on site

    Process of anti-graffiti coating

    By utilizing the special properties of the nanocomposite, making a hydrophobic anti-graffiti coating with a high contact angle on the surface of the substrate ( polycarbonate sheets/ film or PMMA, PVC etc) to protect the substrate against graffiti damage

    Polycarbonate Anti-Graffiti Sheet Application


    Graffiti Resistant Polycarbonate

    This product features a special anti-graffiti coating that effectively resists graffiti, reducing cleaning and maintenance needs significantly.

    Anti-Graffiti Polycarbonate Sheet​

    Anti-Smudge/Anti-Fingerprint Polycarbonate

    The surface of this polycarbonate offers excellent resistance to water and oil, ensuring it stays clean and smudge-free, maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

    Self-Cleaning Polycarbonate

    Self-Cleaning Polycarbonate

    Equipped with a unique self-cleaning feature, this polycarbonate stays clean with the help of rainwater, reducing manual cleaning needs.

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