7 Stylish Swimming Pool Enclosure Types For Australian Market

7 Stylish Swimming Pool Enclosure Types For Australian Market

Discover 7 stylish and functional swimming pool enclosure types in our blog. They offer safety, weather protection, and aesthetics. Learn More.
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    Pool Enclosure

    I know you need a stylish swimming pool enclosure that will be the focal point of your outdoor. Not so complex or simple, but one that expresses true taste of beauty and elegance. A pool enclosure that is functional, extended swimming period, 100% maintenance free and strong.
    Well, I am here to share with you 7 stylish swimming pool enclosures in the Australian market. You may consider them when planning to build your own pool enclosure.

    1. Retractable or Telescopic Swimming Enclosure

    A retractable or telescopic swimming pool enclosure is the most fascinating design you may consider. Whether you live in the states of Victoria, New South Wales or Tasmania; known for regular snow season, retractable polycarbonate enclosures are perfect designs for these regions. These pool enclosure kits offer the convenience of both indoor and outdoor environments. That is, you can open the swimming pool during summer (December to February) and close it during winter (June to July).
    With these designs, you can swim when the retractable cover is closed. So, you won’t experience cold during winter. It will all depend on your favorite polycarbonate pool enclosure design.

    A fully closed retractable swimming pool enclosure. It has been designed with self-latching door.

    Of course, they are also customizable to meet your unique requirements.

    Unlike in the case of winter covers, you don’t have to avoid the pool simply because it is covered or during winter.

    The retractable pool enclosure features the ability to conserve heat and reduce other operational expenses.

    They quite a number of telescopic pool enclosures to choose from – choose your favorite design.

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    2.High or Low Profile Swimming Pool Enclosures

    Not that I have deliberately ignored the medium height retractable pool enclosures, they are also available. I see most people in Australia going for these extreme designs. They opt for either high profile or low profile polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures. For a fact, it is upon you to decide whether you need a stylish swimming pool enclosure with a small or large allowance from the water surface. Let’s look at these popular swimming pool designs:

    A low profile swimming pool enclosure with an allowance. Swimming pool users can confidently swim comfortably even when the cover is closed.

    As you can see, with this polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure, you have a small allowance.

    You can neither stand nor add furniture on the pool deck.

    Still, you can comfortably swim when the pool enclosure is closed.



    A high profile swimming pool enclosure. Users can walk freely on the swimming pool deck.

    With a high profile pool enclosure, there is enough space to install chairs or beds.

    In the recent past, the demand for these stylish swimming pool enclosures has been quite high.

    This is for this simple fact that you have the freedom to decorate the swimming pool deck.

    Another glaring fact that I want you to realize is the position of the door.

    For low profile swimming pool enclosure, you can install the door either at the furthest end or on the roof structure.

    However, on the high profile swimming pool enclosure, they are mainly installed at the furthest end of the enclosure.

    3.Fixed Swimming Pool Enclosure

    In case you don’t like the retractable or telescopic pool enclosures; the fixed designs are better alternatives.

    Like the name suggests, fixed enclosures form an indoor environment in the outdoors.

    Depending on your favorite design, it is possible to modify the roofing structure and shape.

    You can thus get an enclosure with unique requirements that blend well with outdoor landscaping.

    Of course, they are mostly designed with an entrance, exit and may be the ventilation system.

    However, this will mainly depend your preferred design.


    From above, you can see that this stylish swimming pool enclosure is spacious.

    Therefore, you can add any decorations you may think of.

    I hope you have noticed that this swimming pool enclosure is similar to the high profile retractable pool design.

    The only difference is that, for fixed pool enclosures, we cannot open the cover.

    4.Stylish Swimming Pool Enclosures Based on Roofing Design

    In Australia, swimming pool enclosures feature unique and stylish roofing designs.

    The swimming pool enclosure roofing ideas are not limited to: dome, mansard, hip, gable, sloped or flat shapes.

    Depending on the creativity of your manufacturer, you can adopt even irregular shapes.

    I have seen quite a number of swimming pool enclosures having circular or curved shapes. Still, you should remember that the complexity of a roof design will automatically translate to the unit cost of the enclosures. Thanks to Excelite, their swimming pool enclosure price is affordable and good looking nature. You can easily integrate them with the outdoor architecture. You may have a circular or flat design that is still attractive and functional. Or, you may have a pool enclosure roof attached to the main roof of the house.

    A fixed swimming pool enclosure roof attached to the main house

    In short, what I am trying to say is; a good roofing design should blend with the home structure.

    This will make the entire ecosystem adorable.

    5.Flat Swimming Pool Enclosure

    A flat swimming pool enclosure has been adopted, especially in relatively warm regions. I know a number of people tend to confuse this with low profile swimming pool enclosure.
    A low profile swimming pool enclosure designed to suit outdoor environment This stylish swimming pool enclosure doesn’t give any allowance for swimming. It is basically flat, just like the winter covers. The flat pool enclosure can be removed by sliding it to one end of the enclosure. Do you remember how telescopic/retractable swimming pool enclosures work? Well, it is the same principle. Still, this is an attractive, cost effective and designed to blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment. Some flat swimming pool enclosures are slightly curved on the upper surface. They are constructed from aluminum and solid polycarbonate sheet. The good thing about these pool enclosures is that they tend to warm pool water faster. This reduces heating costs. It is strong enough to protect swimming pool from snow, wind and dust.

    6.Bespoke Swimming Pool Enclosure

    This is yet another popular stylish swimming pool enclosure in both residential and commercial places. It has a simple design and spacious just like the high profile swimming pool enclosure. Ideally, one of the pool is normally attached to a vertical wall. Or, the enclosure may have a curved end (semi-circular) and a vertical wall.

    7.Dome Swimming Pool Enclosure

    Like the name suggests, this pool enclosure features a dome shape. It is constructed using polycarbonate sheet and aluminum rods. It offers the same performance just like the other pool enclosures I have mentioned above. Like high profile pool enclosures, this equipment is spacious enough to accommodate chairs or beds. Obviously, you can conveniently walk around the pool deck. It is mainly used for round swimming pool.


    Generally, there are quite a number of stylish swimming pool enclosures in Australia. You will find that most polycarbonate swimming pool manufacturers have both standard and customized designs. Depending on your requirements, the company or swimming pool contractor should tailor one that meets your personalized needs.

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