Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Roll 1220mm*50M, T2-2.5mm (Clear / Tinted Grey)

Product Description:

Polycarbonate roofing sheet:

Solid Sheet

Colour: Clear or Tinted Grey

Width: 1220mm

Length: 50M, Come in a roll

Recommend cutting way: Circular saw with a track. Thickness: 2.5mm UV treated   Polycarbonate Sheet vs Acrylic Sheet When choosing between Polycarbonate Sheet and Acrylic Sheet, consider how you wish to use them.
  • Strength – Polycarbonate Sheet is stronger than Acrylic Sheet. Both are lighter and stronger than untempered glass.
  • Impact Resistance – Polycarbonate Sheet is more impact resistant but easier to scratch than Acrylic Sheet.
  • Cost – Polycarbonate Sheet is more expensive than Acrylic Sheet.
  • Light Transmission – Polycarbonate sheet has 89% light transmission while Acrylic has 92%.
  • Clarity – Acrylic Sheet can be polished to restore clarity. It is difficult to do this with Polycarbonate Sheet.

Features of this product

  1. Strong
It's very strong, polycarbonate sheet is one of the toughest wee-through material in the world. It's        250 times stronger than normal glass. 2. Flexible You can bend it for arch - curve roofing. Make your own design. Polycarbonate sheets are suitable for greenhouse, tunnel hot house, curve roofing, pergola roofing, awning, skylight, and shield. 3. Cut to size Because the sheet come in a roll, so we can cut to any length you want. No wastage for any size, save your money. 4. Easy to Install 5. Colour Options Clear or Tinted Grey