Polycarbonate Transparent Stand Up Paddleboard

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Product Description:

This full transparent paddle board is mainly with incredible impact resistance and durability to ensure great quality and people's safety.   Specifications
  • Size: 3112*834 / 2950*608 / 2950*809
  • Weight: 18.45kg
  • Paddle Colour: Black
  • Accessories:
- Black rubber strip - Black paddle - Safety foot rope - Caudal fin Features:
  • 250-300 times as strong as glass
  • Polycarbonate sheets have such a high light transmission that you can enjoy underwater world clearly
  • Light weight, it's 50% weight of the same thickness glass
  MOQ 10 pieces Lead Time 30 days We can also customise kayaks or choose from the many different design options depending on your specific requirements. If so, contact us.