Polycarbonate Transparent 2-person Kayak

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Product Description:

You can enjoy the underwater world by using this 100% see through polycarbonate transparent kayak! This kayak meets all the requirements for good kayaks.
  • Light Weight
  • Strong
  • Resistance to chemicals and water absorption
  • Degree of light transmission
  • Ease of fabrication
  • Ability to handle heavy weight
Also, you can use this kayak for versatile purposes; whitewater rafting: photography: fishing: surf kayaking: sightseeing.   Size: 3100mm*890mm*378mm Packing Size: 3500mm*1000mm*800mm Weight: 35kg Weight Capability: 200kg Accessories:
  • 8mm thick catamaran with curve edge
  • 2 Clear Paddles
  • Clear Seats (standard)
  • Orange PP Seats (Optional)
  • Fore-and-aft Airbags 1set
  • Cabin
All of these accessories are corrosion resistant. MOQ = 10pieces          Lead time = 30 days We can also customise kayaks or choose from the many different design options depending on your specific requirements. If so, contact us.