Clear & Tinted Grey Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Roll (590mm*50M)

Product Description:

This product is available for projects up to 50M long Length and 590mm Width. The thickness is 2mm or 2.5mm. The colour is clear or tinted grey. Main features of this product;
  • High impact strength
  • Clear transparency
  • Light weight
  • All weather type
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to fabrication, cutting and forming
Polycarbonate Sheet vs Acrylic Sheet When choosing between Polycarbonate Sheet and Acrylic Sheet, consider how you wish to use them.
  • Strength – Polycarbonate Sheet is stronger than Acrylic Sheet. Both are lighter and stronger than untempered glass.
  • Impact Resistance – Polycarbonate Sheet is more impact resistant but easier to scratch than Acrylic Sheet.
  • Cost – Polycarbonate Sheet is more expensive than Acrylic Sheet.
  • Light Transmission – Polycarbonate sheet has 89% light transmission while Acrylic has 92%.
  • Clarity – Acrylic Sheet can be polished to restore clarity. It is difficult to do this with Polycarbonate Sheet.
This product is ideal for
  • Long light boxes
  • Warehouse roofs
  • Skylights
  • Overhead glazing
  • Security screen protection
  • Sound barriers
  • Balcony guards
  • Bridge safety panels
  • Highway signage
  • Backlit signs
  • Wall and door partition

Cut to Size Service

We also offer cut to size polycarbonate & acrylic sheet. If you can't find out the right size of the product, contact us.