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Avada Interior Design

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Standard Size (1220mm*2440mm)

Key features for polycarbonate sheet:

• Impact resistant     • OH&S compliant     • Thermally stable     • High electrical resistant
• Lightweight and easy to process (much lighter than glass)  • Optical clarity (88-92% light transmission depends on thickness)  • Flame retardant

Product Description:

You may know Acrylic sheet, or you may heard of perspex sheet. But do you know what is polycarbonate sheet? It's also one kind of perspex sheet, but it's much stronger than Acrylic sheet.  It's the toughest material that you can see through.  Polycarbonate sheet is 30 times stronger than Acrylic sheet, it's 250 times stronger than normal glass,  so it's unbreakable.  If you want find something can resist high wind, very high impact, heavy duty, and you want it as clear as glass,  polycarbonate sheet is your best choice. Polycarbonate properties are unique for a thermoplastic material. It is suitable for cold bend, heat bend, thermoforming, drilling, milling, cnc routing, bonding to make all sort of industrial products. Polycarbonate has high resistance to deformation under load and at temperature extremes and its thermal expansion and contraction is significantly below that of acrylic. Polycarbonate works well at temperature from -40°C-+130°C.

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